Get Inspired by Dr Tzvi Pearlstein The Soul Man

Tune In To My Radio Show Sundays 12-1PM On Talk Radio AM 850WFTL!

Join my weekly radio show on 850 WFTL AM Talk Radio reaching from Fort Pierce through Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties.

Known for motivational speaking and a good heart, and trumpet/flugelhorn performances for audiences throughout South Florida, and in New York, Los Angeles, and New Orleans, I recently moved to talk radio 850WFTL to reach a larger audience with my inspirational messages, topics and discussions.

My show airs every Sunday from 12:00 – 1:00 PM. Favorite topics including soul, intellect, love, pain, body, health, healing, music, inventions and so much more. Many fascinating guests with fascinating stories will be joining me on the air. Of particular interest to me are personal human stories of strength, courage, and wisdom. When faced with a major challenge some give up in despair, some become depressed, some resort to alcohol and/or drugs, and some simply survive and "hang on." Others muster up the reserve to tackle their challenges head-on and be victorious, and through the process experience great transformative soul growth. I want to share the ability to harness this power with everyone. I would like to see that everyone has the strength, courage, know-how, and wisdom to make delicious lemonade from the lemons in their lives.

A Little Bit About Me

Princeton University graduate, New York University School of Medicine graduate, SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn trained orthopedic surgeon, a former U.S. Air Force major who served as an orthopedic surgeon at Clark Air Base in the Philippines, Andrews Air Force Base in Wash DC, and during Persian Gulf War I; the son of a holocaust survivor mother, long time learner and practitioner of chassidus & kabbalah, motivational speaker, author, inventor, promoter, physician entrepreneur, professional trumpet player, tennis coach, and proud father of 3 very special daughters.

My diverse background and experiences give me plenty to talk about...and a lot of helpful information and wisdom to share about living a full and rewarding life.

Please join me and my special guests for my weekly Sunday 12-1pm 850WFTL radio show for a stimulating thought-provocative hour on "I Feel Good Cause I'm A Soul Man!"